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Scott Gamble

(polygonus threesidus)

Artist. Developer. Storyteller.

(Aspiring Wizard. Robot Enthusiast.)

I'm so glad you're here!

My name is Scott Gamble. I am, above all else, a world builder. Everything I do revolves around trying to tell stories, through whatever medium I think best suits the project. The three primary ways i like to build these worlds are through Art, Web and Game Development and Writing.

I grew up on Saturday morning cartoons, Super Nintendo and Disney movies, so it stands to reason that stuff is my lifeblood. A lot of my art revolves around bringing wacky characters and places into existence.

Fig. 1:

The Artist

(Artus Fartus)

I Love Bringing Creative Ideas to Life

From Sketch...

...To 2D...

...To 3D!

Check out my Artstation Page for a full rundown of my work. There's some 2D, some 3D, some concept work and some illustration. Something for everyone!

Fig. 2:

The Developer

(Developus Maximus)

Playing and making games has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. It's the coming together of art, narrative and music, which can make for some incredibly impactful experiences.

Dig Dig (2017)

Dig Dig is a game I made in a couple weeks to familiarize myself with Pico-8, an all-in-one 8 bit game engine. It was fun being able to make all the assets and logic in one IDE, and I'm a sucker for pixel art and 8bit music.

I had to use some clever workarounds to get past the map's 128 x 128 tile limit, and to get large number storage to keep those hi-scores high ;)

The goal of the game is to dig as deep as you can, collecting lots of valuable loot along the way, until you run out of fuel.

Gaming! Yay!

Click the TeeVee cartridge to pick a game.

If you dig it, you can find more on my page.

Fig. 3:

The Storyteller

(Narritus Authorus)

I've always enjoyed escaping into fantastical worlds full of knights, wizards, robots, and aliens. From a young age I've dreamt of places that I wish existed, and can't wait to share my worlds with you!

Here a a couple samples of stories I've worked on. I gravitate towards Fantasy and Sci-Fi stories most of all!

That's all for now!

Thanks for coming to check out my little slice of internet. If you like what you see, or want to work with me, feel free to reach out :)

For professional inquiries, check out the studio my wife and I run called Threesided Creative

Contact Info:

[email protected]

+1 647.563.2330

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